Horticultural Studies (HortiS) 2002, Vol 19, Num, 1     (Pages: 20-27)


Alpaslan ŞAHİN 1 , M. Atilla AŞKIN 2

Viewed : 1233 - Downloaded : 1034 In this study, some of the fruit species which are grown in tropical and subtropical zones are introduced. The food value of most of these is high. For example Indian jujube contains more vitamin C than orange. Mango, papaya and lychee contains vitamin C as much as orange. Mango and lychee contains carbohydrate as much as grape. We know that date contains phosphorous eight times more than raspberry and tree tomato contains phosphorous little more than raspberry. Furthermore guava contains niacin as much as apricot. Tree tomato and cherimoya contain niacin little more than apricot and dried date contains niacin five times more than apricot. Papaya contains calcium as much as orange. Lychee contains sodium as much as blackberry, raspberry and currant.

But we dont know whether it is sutibale for our flok`s good taste or not. Some of these are grown in their origin. On the other hand most of these are not grown in their origin but also different regions that they can be adapted.

As a result of this study cherimoya, mango, papaya, lychee, tree tomato and guava of these can be adapted in Mediterranean Coast Region in Turkey. For this reason it will be usefull to make an adaptation trial with these fruits. Keywords :