Horticultural Studies (HortiS) 2022, Vol 39, Num, 2     (Pages: 063-071)

Estimating the Breeding Potential of Purple Sweet Corn Lines with Topcross Mating Design

Ahmet ÖZTÜRK 1 ,Bülent UZUN 2

1 Batı Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute, 07100, Antalya, Türkiye
2 Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Field Crops, 07058, Antalya, Türkiye
DOI : 10.16882/HortiS.1125548 Viewed : 791 - Downloaded : 348 The estimation of breeding potential of early generation lines is a prerequisite in corn breeding. Breeders could use a methodology called topcross for this purpose. The present study aimed (i) to investigate the breeding potential of purple sweet corn lines with topcross design, and (ii) to determine correlation between fresh ear yield and yield traits in topcross hybrids (TH). Hundred and eighteen S2 generation purple sweet corn lines were crossed with the tester, the Ant-224-E-1 yellow sweet corn inbred lines in isolated cross block (ICB), in Antalya in 2020. Hundred and twenty-one hybrids (118 topcross hybrids and 3 commercial hybrid controls) were obtained and analyzed with an 11 × 11 triple lattice design in 2021. It was determined that the number of days to anthesis (DtoA), plant height (PH), ear height (EA), general plant appearance (PA) and fresh ear yield (FEY) were statistically significant at p < 0.001 across the hybrids. The DtoA, PH, EH, PA and FEY varied between 90.7-103.0 days, 105.6-217.9 cm, 38.2-77.9 cm, 1.7-3.7 scores, and 4970.2-13472.9 kg ha-1, respectively. Sixty-three topcross hybrids exhibited higher FEY when compared to the trial average. While 16 PSC lines exhibited statistically significant positive general combining ability (GCA) for FEY, 20 PSC lines exhibited negative GCA for FEY. Eighteen PSC lines were selected based on 15% selection intensity and yield trait criteria. It was determined that these lines had a significant PSC hybrid potential as parents in future PSC breeding programs. Keywords : Combining ability Fresh ear yield Purple sweet corn S2 lines Topcross